Good riddance, 2012.

Hello again lovely readers!

I hope your holidays have been nothing short of amazing and that you all celebrated with your nearest and dearest. Christmas was quite the event at home, and I swear that if I must have leftovers again for the rest of my life, I will choose to starve instead. Which also reminds me that I must get back to exercising to shed off all this holiday food and sitting around… fun!

Can you believe that in less than 48 hours, it will finally be 2013? We have all survived December 21st without any major natural disasters, or invasions of zombies, and wow… I still cannot believe how quickly 2012 has flown. As cliché as this sounds, looking back on 2012, I could definitely say that it’s been one heck of a learning experience and a year of personal growth. It’s been a humbling year that’s taught me to grow a bit of a backbone and not focus too much on people who don’t make a genuine effort to be in my life, and instead, to move on and be thankful for those who do make an effort.

2012’s taught me that although I feel absolutely broken and torn up about my life, there will always be a silver lining and a valuable lesson learned. Although I have gone through some of the most horrific incidents in my life thus far that have scarred me, I learned to look past them and focus on what I could do to move my life forward. Prior to the end of this year, I was all about self-pity parties and taking a small negative situation and turning it into an unnecessary big one. To be honest, to say that I am really, really, REALLY tired of all negativity in my life is a huge understatement, and I am glad that I have a better mindset to be able to move forward in life, even if the path of moving forward isn’t exactly how I had pictured it.

I am nervous, excited and relieved for the arrival or 2013. 2012 just seemed to be one long and arduous year and I am really glad to be leaving it behind. I am anticipating 2013 to be a year that will bring me and my loved ones amazing blessings, and I cannot wait for it to begin!

I hope that you all have taken many valuable things away from 2012, and that 2013 brings you wonderful memories, experiences and most of all, I hope that 2013 allows you to live your life the way you deserve. Readers, I have learned/am still learning to always look at everything in a different perspective, a perspective that is much better to look at. This quote that I read somewhere online describes perfectly how I try to live my life now:

“You can choose to let your past define you and confine you, or you can choose to learn, grow, and leave it behind you.”

Have a safe and amazing NYE, my lovely readers! And may 2013 bring you all of your life’s dreams and more. 🙂



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