Wow, long time no post, dear readers! My sincerest apologies for that two month hiatus. School, work and life was just kicking me to the curb, and I honestly have had no time to really gather my thoughts and be able to express them here on my blog. However, I finally have the time to post a quick blog about a bit of my life these past two months.

Today marks Thanksgiving Day in Canada and I took it upon myself to finally let my parents sit back and relax and plan and cook Thanksgiving dinner all on my own. Surprisingly enough, I managed to cook everything really well and I got some major kudos on my cooking! Thankfully I didn’t burn the chicken (turkey is my next challenge), and the rest of my dishes turned out great. I am definitely more confident in my culinary skills and cannot wait to cook more often for my family. 🙂


Here are a few snap shots of the food I served my family and closest and dearest friends today:

My kale and baby spinach salad, roast chicken, and home made mashed potatoes with all the fixings.
My Filipino Spaghetti – first time making this on my own and it turned out great!
D & I all semi-fancy for Thanksgiving dinner.
My “brother” of 13 years, Kyle and I.
Look at how proud I am of myself!

As I was prepping and cooking everything, I found myself to be in very deep thought about my life and where I am now. School has been really tough on me, adjusting to the whole new experience of being at UBC, as well as just trying to get into my niche there. Work has been busy and tiring, but very fruitful. As for my personal life, I have been all over the place. These past two months have taught me to be more solitary and enjoy my independence and truly appreciate the friends who are still in my life and make a conscious effort of being in it. Thanksgiving has allowed me to realize that every single aspect of life should be shown gratefulness, and I truly do appreciate not only the good times in my life, but also the challenges and difficult times that I encounter.

God’s truly blessed me with an amazing support group that I cannot even begin to explain how grateful I am for them. With that being said, I still have been through many losses in terms of old friendships as of late, and  for a while, I have been feeling that weight of loss bear heavily on my shoulders. However, each day, I am slowly learning to let go of friendships that are no longer there, and make room for those that are still left and those that are coming in to blossom and flourish. I am so, so thankful for all these little blessings and more, and I do my best to remember to show that gratefulness whenever I can.

Thanksgiving was a really great experience this year, and cooking everything myself (with help from my trusty sous-chef D), I finally truly appreciated all the hard work my parents and family members put into providing good food on the table. I am so blessed to have been able to share this time with some of my nearest and dearest, and although I am pretty worn out from it all, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I hope all of my Canadian readers have had a very blessed and fruitful Thanksgiving! Remember to show your appreciation not only one day a year, but every single day of the year. May you all stay well and happy despite all the tribulations life throws at you.

Filled with an full stomach and ready to succumb to a food coma,



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