5 Things That We Love About Each Other

A month ago, I was inspired to write a post about the top 5 things D and I love about each other. Now that I have returned from my vacation, my boyfriend has so graciously given up his time to help me with this blog post. I hope you all enjoy him guest-starring in this post! 🙂

These are D’s 5 things he loves about me (that he wrote!):

Hi my name is Dinel Ulpindo. I’m Paula’s boyfriend. She asked me to write 5 things I like/love about her. Well here they are: (No Particular Order):

  1. How you act so nice towards people. You are a very friendly and down to earth person. You are so humble whenever you speak to people and that’s one thing I love about you
  2.  Whenever you tell me you’re my soulmate. I know we are only in our teens, but we’ve also grown in our relationship and it shows whenever we call ourselves ‘SOULMATES’. You make me smile so much whenever I hear that word and it’s one thing I like about you.
  3. How you can still make me smile whenever I’m sad/angry. Somehow only you can do that. Nobody else can make me smile when I’m sad. This ties back to number 2 because it shows you really are my soulmate.
  4. I LOVE your nose. It’s one of the features I like about you and you know that it’s true. I always touch your nose whenever I can because it’s so cute!. Since our kids will have that same exact nose I will cherish the one till more pop up for me to feel their noses haha!
  5. I love how you love me. No matter the circumstances. I really am grateful for your love. I wouldn’t have it any other way. You make me happy. Always.

P.S It’s our 18 months tomorrow!

These are my 5 things that I love about him:
  1. How he has a big heart. Even when D is being quite mean to me, deep down, I know that he is still the same person I fell in love with. Since I met him, he has always been the type of person to enjoy giving back to others simply because he finds it fulfilling and worthwhile. He does the things he does out of his heart and never fails to remind me that the reason why he works hard is to provide a good and happy future for me and our future family.
  2. He does the little things to make sure I feel lovedFrom opening doors for me like a gentleman to leaving little love notes for me, or just driving me to places, the little things D does makes me feel so loved. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t do the big things. Oh no. D does big and special things for me. For instance, he helped my friends from school surprise me with a free ticket to the Bon Iver concert held in Vancouver a few months ago. He told me to get off work early, blind folded me, and drove me to the venue to surprise me. If that doesn’t say romantic, then I do not know what does. He is such a sweetie. 🙂
  3. He is straight up and honest with me, because he knows me better than I know myself sometimesI’m the type to want to be coddled and comforted. However, D is more of the type to be up front and straightforward, which keeps me grounded and strong. He never fails to let me know what is on his mind and heart, even if I do not agree or like it at first. He knows me better than I know myself, and this quality about him helps me grow more as a person.
  4. He is a positive role model/teacher in my life. In our relationship, I am the negative Nelly. D is the more positive of the two of us, and more realistic. He has taught me so many things about life and has changed my outlook on it. He’s taught me to appreciate God’s blessings and just accept life as it is and do my best to be content and move forward. Nobody has never done that for me, and for that, I am truly blessed.
  5. He is real and my soul mate. D and I have different views on what paths lead to success. He and I fight a lot and bicker like an old married couple. Recently though, he and I have come to a mutual understanding and my heart feels so much more at ease with us. He is real and I honestly never believed in soul mates until I met him. I don’t need him to have a numerous degrees or have a fancy title to his name. He is just himself and that’s why I love him.

And there you have it! Thanks to my man for guest starring in this and writing such beautiful words. I love you! /Cheese. I hope you readers enjoyed this little cute post. 🙂 I suggest that those with significant others do this every once in a while. It is a healthy exercise for couples that let’s them know why they appreciate the other and fosters love and growth and mutual respect.

Oh, and aren’t we cute here? 🙂

Filled with much love,


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