Back to the Motherland!

I am glad to update that my family and I have made it through both our flights (our red eye from Vancouver to Manila and Manila to Kalibo) in one piece. Now I remember why I dislike travelling by plane for more than 5 hours – the lack of space and comfort is truly one of the most terrible things ever. Luckily, our second flight was in business class, which was such an improvement. If only I could always afford flying business instead of economy… oh well.

Philippines is, for a lack of better words, hot and humid. However, I was quite surprised that I was faring pretty well with the temperatures considering I was still wearing pants and a blouse. Hurrah for my inner Filipina coming out! Weather talk aside, one thing that I have enjoyed a little bit too much on this trip so far was riding a vehicle that we Filipinos call the tricycle. It is basically a motorcycle with a sub-car that holds more passengers. My aunt picked my family up from the Kalibo airport, and she took my sister and I to our house in one of the municipalities via the tricycle.

Honestly, if there is one thing you must try in Philippines, it is riding a tricycle. It made me feel so at peace and at home. The breeze cools you down, and the ride is slow enough so that you get to appreciate the view better. Although the tricycle isn’t exactly the best contributor to lowering the threat of climate change, it is truly an experience that I would love to go through every single day.

Oh, and some of my cousins that live next door to us, they are way too funny for words. I can’t believe it’s been 8 years since we have last seen each other! We all definitely have some major catching up to do in the next couple of weeks.

I hope you are all enjoying your last day of June as it is now July where I am.

Happy Canada day to all us Canadians! Our country is really one that we take for granted.



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