Bon Voyage T-minus 6 Days.

As I mentioned in a previous blog entry (I think…), after 7 years, my family and I will be finally be going back to the Philippines for a month long vacation. It will definitely be an interesting trip to say the least, but I guess I can say I’m a bit excited for it. What I am looking forward to the most is having a lot of relaxation time and finally getting a chance to get away from my ever so busy life and just staying still.

I will really miss my friends who I am leaving behind for half the summer, and unfortunately, a lot of my plans that I had prior to this trip being booked out of the blue (i.e. school, work, dates, get togethers, etc.), now have to be squeezed in during August. So August will pretty much be a crazy whirlwind of doing gigs for weddings, my exam for piano, get togethers, birthdays, and all that good stuff.

Throughout my travels, I will be updating this blog whenever I can to have some record of what I did during my stay. I will also be doing vlogs which I will post up on my YouTube channel: whenever I can!

All this being said, if any of you have any travelling tips, please feel free to share in the comments below. I would love to hear your travelling stories and any tips you guys have for the not so seasoned traveller like myself.

I hope you are all having a wonderful time wherever you are and that the weather is beautiful! (It is currently raining cats and dogs here in Vancouver… as usual).

Stay happy, healthy, and full of smiles.

– P


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