A Simple Reminder

Although he and I have been through so many downs lately, he just reminds me all over again why we still have held on for this long:

“I want us to be financially stable. You know, my aunt asked me ‘why do you do network marketing?’ and I told her, ‘I want me and my girlfriend to be stable.’ … I am doing it for my family. Our family.

Even after almost 17 months of being together, he still manages to make my heart race and give me butterflies. Despite him being able to make me feel super frustrated, angry, sad, annoyed, happy, delirious, and all of those other adjectives in the dictionary, my heart has honestly never felt so much love for a man before. D and I have both painfully realized that we are still young, and because of that, he and I have such a long journey ahead of us. However, he and I are beginning to realize that even though we are both very different people now than we were when we first started dating, at the end of the day, those differences should only make us appreciate each other’s uniqueness.

I am so unbelievably proud of him for making huge decisions in his life that have received so much criticism. He tries so hard to make sure that he balances his even busier life with work, the business, family, friends, and me equally. Although I have really given him a hard time in the past year, time and again, he still manages to keep me his top priority. I hadn’t realized how much he does so until recently.

God is putting us through these challenges for a reason. He is putting us through these differences and bitter battles because He wants us to learn how to better appreciate each other and to fully understand why we are so different now. From our philosophies to our life choices, God intended for D and I to choose our own very different paths so we can grow better as individuals so that in turn, grow to love each other more deeply.

I get that now.

Even though I still get frustrated at him easily, get moody and take it out on him, D has been ever so patient and does his best to understand where I am coming from. We both know that it will take so much work than we had initially thought to make our relationship work. At the same time, however, D and I are also learning that our relationship needs to be more carefree and fun like how it used to be. Once we find that healthy balance, he and I will be set for life. But most importantly, once we find our complete faith in God, D and I will finally be at peace and complete contentment with our lives and with each other.


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