Cell phones > relationships = no no.

Cell phones. With society’s ever-increasing demand and desire to want the flashiest and most versatile hand-held cellular device, it seems this amazing piece of technology has the consumer eating out of the palm of its hands. Whether you are a loyal Blackberry, Android, iPhone, or even a cell phone user that does not require any of that smart phone nonsense, this piece of technology has indeed been an advancement that has completely left the entire world wanting more.

With this being said, in the recent months, the explosion of smart phones everywhere has moved society into the new era of having relying on a mini computer right at their fingertips. If you hop on the transit, walk across campus, or even take a nature walk, you will probably find someone with a cell phone in their hand. Whether they are updating their location on FourSquare, or taking another hipster-esque picture on Instagram, the smart phone is the king of today’s technology.

On a personal note, during the long bus rides to and from UBC, I find myself counting how many people are on their cell phones and it astounds me that 80% of people often have their phones out, texting, e-mailing, playing games and going on social networking sites. I am pretty guilty of doing this as well (those long 45 minute to 1 hour bus rides can be so brutal!), but I honestly have tried my best to not check my phone every 5 minutes. That, however, is still a work in progress, but I digress.

What bothers me most, though, is that when I see people hanging out, I find them being more preoccupied with their phone than with each other. To be honest, I find that really sad. The entire point of hanging out with somebody is to get away from your cell phone so you can catch up with them, not have your eyes and fingers glued on your cell phone screen. People seem to be losing their touch on connecting with others and instead, are focusing on checking their latest Tweet or Facebook status update (“Did you see that Christina’s relationship status is now single!?”).

For me, I actually feel pretty offended when somebody I care about is twiddling away on their phone and immediately reaching for it when it beeps or vibrates signalling that they’ve received a message. That to me says that I am not entertaining, valuable, or worthwhile enough to put away your phone and just focus on spending what valuable time we do have together. I’m sure that text message could definitely be answered later after we hang out. Or in the very least, one should apologize and politely ask if they could be excused to answer it if they really believe it’s urgent.

So the next time you are out with your friends, family, or significant other, just remember this: socialize and have your cell phones tucked and hidden away! Believe me, the person(s) you are spending time with will definitely feel more appreciated once you get into that habit.

– P

Image source: http://www.electronichouse.com/images/uploads/cellphonecouple2.jpg


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