Salutations. :)

Hello readers!

My name is Paula and I am student attending the University of British Columbia in the faculty of Arts. I’m currently stuck between gearing my education towards Social Work and Education. As you will probably soon figure out after some blog entries, I am very indecisive person. My life is a jumbled, crazy and organized mess – but I love it. I love volunteering whenever I can and in the future, I hope to give others opportunities to explore their talents and share those talents with others. Vancouver has been my home for nearly all my life, and it is definitely a beautiful city that I have yet to fully explore. In the next couple of years, I hope to travel to various places and just fill my life with amazing memories.

After two blogging websites, I have finally decided to join the WordPress world! Many blogs that I subscribe to use WordPress, so I decided that I should finally try it and see how it goes. On this, I will try to update it as often as possible and I will be posting various of things (i.e. the daily happenings of my life, fashion, music, travels, and all the random moments and miscellaneous things in between). I’m definitely looking forward to exploring this thing and I hope that any readers who happen to stumble upon this enjoy reading it!

For now, bienvenue and salutations WordPress world. May my blog be an ever-flowing source of thought provoking or even, mindless good reads. 🙂

– P


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